Giuliana Rancic for Danskin photoshop disaster

Photoshop fails can be at once grotesque and hilarious, but mostly expose the insidious reality of our clawing quest towards physical perfection. They tend to happen when some air brusher spends way too much time zoomed in on a limb or breast, since women’s bodies are, of course, collections of parts that can always be more attractive.

I know I rail a lot about our impossible beauty standard, but these 10 incredibly awful photoshop fails from 2013 show us just how much of a moving target our beauty standard is. No one on earth can hit it, because no one will ever be born as beautiful as we’ve convinced ourselves we can make them with computers.

1. Jennifer LawrenceJennifer-lawrence-photoshop

This magazine cover is actually from 2011, but a gif showing the Photoshopping process behind this picture of Jennifer Lawrence just started making the rounds this month. It’s a pretty upsetting reminder that looking fan-fucking-tastic (as she did in the original photo) simply isn’t enough. Women can always look better.

2. Ashley Benson

pll promo

After seeing this promotional poster for Pretty Little Liars, star Ashley Benson took to Instagram to say “we all look ridiculous. Way too much photo shop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.”

3. The Girls Season 3 promotional poster


No but seriously, what happened to Lena Dunham‘s right leg? How is it achieving that inhuman wonky foreshortening?

4. Bride bobble head


This custom wedding dress is just too good to pass up. Does the magical pill that makes your head inflate like a hot air balloon come included in the price?

5. Abs. Abs. Abs. Abs.


Here’s a pretty horrifying example of what our apparent beauty standard is for men. Liz said it perfectly when she said that the “model on the cover has been Photoshopped into a giant-headded, tiny-hipped, insectoid monster with a million abs and some kind of radioactive hip bones that illuminate from within.” Are we supposed to be into this?

6. Naomi Campbell gets her skin lightened

naomi campbell vogue thailand

Naomi Campbell is a world renowned supermodel literally employed for her physical appearance, so why wouldn’t you lighten her eyes and skin tone while erasing any semblance of cheekbones or facial structure?

7. Giuliana Rancic’s gigantic head

Giuliana Rancic for Danskin photoshop disaster

Sure, nothing’s more slimming than having an enormous head to balance out your human body, so if you’re already in the gym spinning off your horrible fat, it would be really great if your head was enormous so the world can at least think you’re on the way to socially acceptable skinny.

8. Beyoncé gets photo recycled and lightened

Beyonce on the covers of Marie Claire Australia and Vogue UK

Marie Claire Australia went ahead and took a photo of Beyoncé from a previous British Vogue cover, lightened her skin, eyes, and hair, and slapped their logo on. This is becoming way too common.

9. Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in promotional posters for The Counselor

penelope cruz cameron diaz

While their male costars got to keep their wrinkles, laugh lines, and facial structure, the female leads in The Counselor were scrubbed of any sign of aging or humanity.

10. Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

melissa mccarthy photohsop of horrors

Wait, everyone knows what Melissa McCarthy looks like, right? We can all agree it’s not even close to this completely bizarre rendering. Somebody should have been fired after this one.