Remember the “100 Layers” viral beauty videos? Of course you do. It’s hard to get those images of people applying layer upon layer of nail polish, brow product, lipstick, masks, self-tanner, and pretty much everything else out of our heads. If you thought that all of the videos were done, you’re wrong because we now have the “100 Layers Of Bubble Mask” video.

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Swedish beauty vlogger Jeely posted a video of herself applying 100 layers of the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask and the results are pretty terrifying. Like dripping clay bubble monster terrifying.

The video starts off fine with Jeely applying a few layers of the product. As with the other “100 Layers” videos, things quickly get worse. The bubble mask in particular causes trouble because as Jeely attempts to apply more layers to her face, the older ones keep frothing up. Before we know it, her face is almost completely taken over by gray bubbles and there are blobs of them dripping down her eyes, hair and chest.

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Does 100 layers of bubble mask give you flawless skin? Not exactly. If you’re after a clearer complexion, you’re a lot better off sticking with one layer of bubble mask at a time. If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, then a 100 layers of bubble mask could be right up your street.