Hello Kitty contact lenses

Halloween is quickly approaching us, and that can mean only one thing: costumes. Well, and candy. And decorations. And horror movies. And cocktails that have orange sprinkles and fake spiders in them BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING = COSTUMES. This season, we’ll be bringing tons of Halloween tricks and treats to you (including a totally awesome surprise next month!), so let’s get discuss some of the stranger things you can wear for October 31st, shall we?

For starters, contact lenses. Namely, super bizarre ones. The style above, Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses, are on the terrifying side of things. I mean, I am all about cats, but I do not love the idea of hoards of fifth graders all in pigtails and Hello Kitty costumes, staring at me with their creepy pink eyes as they request candy on my doorstep.

Personally, I do not recommend wearing contacts not bought from or prescribed by a doctor, but I do love looking at weird eyes regardless. So, what are some others besides friendly cats?

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