disney eye makeup

I love Pinterest for allowing me to keep track of all my weird obsessions regarding makeup, writing, photography and celebrities from the Internet (though I typically just use it for cat GIFs), but I just can’t handle the envy and awe it induces in my core simultaneously. On the bright side, it also leads me to the people I could

These looks are nothing short of makeup masterpieces. Doing eye makeup well takes a certain level of skill (which is possible to acquire!), but sometimes, you spot eye makeup looks like these and it’s hard not to be more than a little bit in awe. As somebody who has always been rubbish with pencils, paints, pastels and all other “p” words regarding artistic tools, I am definitely admiring these photos like crazy.

So, high five to the great people doing these! They’re fantastic, and you rule. Now, for the rest of us mere makeup mortals, let’s check ’em out, shall we? Perhaps you can even get some Halloween ideas from these looks!

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Photo: MajavaHanna