There’s a pretty great post on Buzzfeed about why you are not actually Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Mostly because you know how computers work, and she absolutely did not. For instance, you turned this one on. I thought we might update this to make it equally clear that you are not Hannah Horvath from Girls.

hannah horvath

You may be insecure, but you’re still doing better than this.

girls hannah

Your seduction techniques do not rely heavily upon dressing as if we you were thirteen and had just watched The Craft.

hannah horvathThere is pretty much no circumstance under which you would wear a yellow mesh see through shirt out in public.

hannah horvath

When your friend says they want to start a salon like Gertrude Stein, you do not assume they mean “for cutting hair.” Especially if you went to liberal arts school.


You do not buy a sad bundt cake for your dinner parties. You buy any other dessert.

hannah horvathYou don’t eat cupcakes in the bathtub. Honestly. Who does that?

hannah horvathWhile you’ve definitely tried to cut your own hair, you have not called your downstairs neighbor to redo it for you. You went to a damn salon to have it redone.

hannah horvath

You feel guilty taking money from your parents.

final push hannah horvath

No, seriously, you understand that making your own money is part of being an adult.

voiceThere’s essentially no circumstance under which you’d say you are “the voice of a generation.”

hannah horvath

Honestly, there are also no circumstances under which you’d wear shorteralls. Probably.

hannah horvathYou would not do a bunch of drugs and write about them for lack of a better idea.

patrick wilsonIf Patrick Wilson just wanted you to hang out in his house and play ping pong, you’d be pretty cool about it.

hannah horvath

You would not immediately tell a total stranger this.

hannah horvath


You would not steal a tip your parents left out for a cleaning lady.

hannah horvath

When you travel, you do so with a suitcase, not a trash bag filled with clothing.

Hannah HorvathAnd on a much sadder note that anything else – you and your boyfriend do not look this 1930’s cute at your friends’ spur-of-the-moment weddings.

Pictures via HBO Girls