1970s-makeup-tutorial-farrah-fawcett-charlies-angelsMy mother was a disco queen in the 70s. She was a dancer and was on Soul Train, which is a little weird because my mother cannot dance, like, at all. Nobody cared, though, because what she lacked in rhythm she seemingly made up for with enthusiasm and awesome 70s hair.

The 70s look might be most famous for the hair, especially Farrah’s, but makeup deserves its share of the credit for 1970s beauty. Of course Diana Ross‘ glamorous disco look is one of the most striking makeup styles of all time, but there’s also Ali MacGraw‘s natural beauty and Jerry Hall‘s iconic early Glamazon. For classy types, there is also Catherine Deneuve‘s 1970s look, which is elegant and dignified, if not quite as cool as that of the impossibly chic Jane Birkin.

Diane Von Furstenberg is trying to bring the most glam part of the 70s back this season, so if you’re looking for a makeup look to go with your new blowout, check out one of these 1970s makeup looks inspired by the era’s biggest celebrities.


Summertime Makeup Inspired by Farrah Fawcett by MissPrissMorgan
[youtube_iframe id=”A0aScOR6sFM”]


French Icon: Jane Birkin Inspired Makeup by thebelleface
[youtube_iframe id=”RLVv9aHbTO0″]


Diana Ross Inpsired Makeup Tutorial by BlackChinaBear
[youtube_iframe id=”kOy93vWpr6Y”]


Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Inspired Makeup Tutorial by FallenMakeup
[youtube_iframe id=”vdULgenLIHs”]


Catherine Deneuve Inspired Makeup by Nicoleta Stanciuca
This one isn’t in English, but it’s not difficult to follow along.
[youtube_iframe id=”aEGi36qQSek”]


Barbara Streisand Makeup Tutorial by Pixiwoo
[youtube_iframe id=”adPVX6POa8M”]
Chanel 70s Shimmer Makeup Look by Pixiwoo
[youtube_iframe id=”75XPys2yRhY”]