Bold lip colors are amazing. They can sexify any look, they can make you stand out in a crowd, and when used correctly, they have the power to terrify 87 percent of weak men. Only the badassest of badasses can handle red lips… as evidenced by the exhausting comments we lipstick enthusiasts endure on a daily basis. If you’re a fan of bright glosses and dark stains, you’ve heard at least a few of these before. Here are 20 things you should NEVER say to a woman while she’s wearing red lipstick.

  1. Do you think guys are actually attracted to that?
  2. That’s not sexy, it’s scary.
  3. So are you really into vampires or something?
  4. I’d love to be able to wear colors like that, but I just couldn’t.
  5. I’d love to be able to wear colors like that, but people who think I was trying too hard.
  6. I’d love to be able to wear colors like that, but my boyfriend would hate it.
  7. Doesn’t that color just get all over your boyfriend’s face/clothes/stuff?
  8. Are you wearing that to mark your boyfriend and keep other girls away?
  9. Don’t try to kiss me with that stuff on!
  10. Are they still accepting applications at your clown college?
  11. Are you walking fast because you’re late for orientation at your clown college?
  12. Are you dressed up because you’re giving a presentation today at your clown college?
  13. Any other half-assed comment that implies that people who want to wear bomb-ass bright lipstick must also know how to make balloon animals.
  14. How much do you charge?
  15. You look like a prostitute.
  16. You look like a prostitute that caters exclusively to clowns.
  17. So are you really into Taylor Swift or something?
  18. So are you really into Marilyn Manson or something?
  19. Did you just eat a cherry Jolly Rancher or something?
  20. You’ve got a little something on your face.

Keep up the clown jokes, losers. We’ll keep looking like warrior goddesses and not giving a shit about your opinions.

Photo: Shutterstock