Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

We’ve already gone over lots of cool beauty gifts divided up by budgets, products made specifically by fair trade companies, and edible gifts with skin-beautifying ingredients, so now let’s talk about the most fun stuff to get for people: stocking stuffers, featuring tons of beauty products but also lots of other great stuff for snazzy dressers, gardeners, movie-lovers and more.

In my opinion, stocking stuffers should be an inexpensive little collection of presents, treats and toys, depending on who you’re buying for. They are my favorite to seek out for loved ones because they can range from little trinkets to silly gag gifts to gorgeous, precious items they will treasure for years.

Personally, I think stockings are my favorite present-related thing to prepare around the holidays, but I am currently on a pretty tight budget and am not one of those people who can justify putting it all on my card and worrying about it in the spring.

But don’t fret, fellow economical shoppers–contrary to popular jingle belief, every kiss does not begin with K; you can, in fact, give awesome gifts without putting a big ol’ set of diamonds in a box, watching your partner open it, and then sloppily making out in the creepy, horror-movie-red glow of the Christmas tree. And, obviously, you can gets tons of cool little thingamabobs for the other people one your list.

For those of us who do not have a giant holiday budget, these small gifts are the easiest and least stressful to acquire. Need ideas? We’ve got tons of ’em![ITPGallery]