Sure, the 2014 Grammy Awards were full of wonderful dresses, terrible styles, bad beauty choices, but the show also hosted lots of stunning makeup, hairstyles and manicures. Here are our favorites, featuring Beyonce, Sarah HylandJared LetoAmber Rose, and more!

2014 Grammy Awards Amber Rose makeup beauty

I feel like Amber Rose kinda just does everything right on red carpets. It is so rare that she doesn’t look wonderful.


Wasn’t too keen on Sarah Hyland’s lackluster dress, but I really love her makeup and casually messy hairdo. Much more pleasing than the overdone brows she had at the Golden Globes.


Another dress we weren’t into, but doesn’t Kacey Musgraves‘ makeup look so nice?


Jared Leto and his hair save lives.


I really liked Anna Faris‘ simple, sleek hair and makeup, just as I loved her simple, sleek dress.


I’m not sure how everybody else feels about Bey’s fluffy curls and deep red lipstick, but I think those were the best choices for this long, white lace gown.




And finally, Taylor Swift‘s teased ponytail was excellent.

All pictures via Getty Images.