The 2014 Grammy Awards were, as expected, filled to the brim with bronzer, eyeliner and so, so much hairspray. Let’s take a look at some of the better looks that went along with the worst and best dressed folks on its red carpet, including Anna KendrickKelly Osbourne and plenty of others.


Giuliana Rancic wore too much makeup. Shock fills me.


Alicia Keys‘ face looks beautiful, but her hair did too much. A pompadour would’ve looked nice, but a curled pompadour is just…a lot.


I’m usually all about that typical “old Hollywood” look with big curls off to one side, but Anna Kendrick has the other side so slicked down, it just looks greasy.


The eyes are all well and good, but why did Kelly Osbourne wear pink lipstick with purple lipliner?


Despite my affinity for dyed hair, I’ve always been very “meh” toward Bonnie McKee‘s shade choices. And I still hate this stupid slicked-back-but-down look (which Hayden Panettiere also rocked at the Golden Globes).


I also think her false eyelashes aren’t stuck on the way, which would drive me nuts.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Okay, Lorde was awesome in her performance, so that was rad. But what was up with those ink-dipped fingers? And while I’ll always love her lipstick, I’m not digging this hairstyle; it looks like the stylist was aiming to straighten her hair, but only went halfway with it. (Plus, I just love her big curls so much, though I would obviously not fault her if she decided to go for something different that night.)