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I am 76% sure that your partner loves you and thinks you look perfect just the way you are. Unless he is in the 24% of men who really want their partner to get plastic surgery. The treasure trove of horrors that is The Daily Mail reports:

Research has revealed that a quarter of men (24 percent) would like their partner to have cosmetic surgery in order to improve their looks.


Liposuction came out as the most popular choice of treatment with 57 percent of the male vote, followed by breast enlargement and dental surgery.


Men were asked: ‘Would you like your partner to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their looks?’ to which an overwhelming 24 percent said yes.

And, oh, it gets worse. It’s worse than I even initially thought.

A fifth (19 percent) said they were unsure while 19 percent said they wouldn’t want their partner to undergo surgery.

Only 19% wouldn’t want their partner to get plastic surgery? That is astonishing to me! But, I guess, at least they’ll be honest about it. 12% would tell their partner they thought their partner should get plastic surgery.

Has this ever happened to you? That just seems like something that would really undermine one’s confidence. It would not make me get plastic surgery. However, it would make me never want to be naked around my boyfriend again. And, honestly, probably break up with him pretty quickly given that I no longer felt comfortable being naked around him.

Does this go both ways? Would you expect your boyfriend to get plastic surgery? I have genuinely never considered that as I kind of… like them for other qualities, and also, picked people I liked the look of, initially? Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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