In case you didn’t already know from watching Las Vegas 700 times, Molly Sims is awesome. She’s funny and down to earth and we’re pretty sure she’d get our jokes about tribbles. Oh, also, she’s really pretty. And at her launch party she gave us beauty tips so we can emulate her look and possibly go all Single White Female on her. Or, you know, just incorporate them into our daily routines.

1) Go out of your way to get products you love.

“I recently contacted Estee Lauder to contact Bobbi Brown to remake Summer Sand… it’s basically old school conturing cream. It’s a great base and you put paint on top of it.”

Okay, we can’t all contact Estee Lauder, but when you hear a favorite product is about to be taken off the market, you can buy it in bulk.

2) Keep your skin moist and blend products.

“I’m really loving this new oil. It’s called Rodin. I mix it with my tinted moisturizer (I use Tarte by Incognito). I think the one thing older women do well is making sure their skin is really creamy and moist.”

Also, we guess, don’t be squicked out by the word “moist.”

3) Tracy Anderson will get you in shape.

“I work out a lot. Tracy Anderson. It’s really hard. I didn’t go today! You do 30 minutes of cardio and seven minutes of arms and the bands, you wear the weights. It’s hard. I made my friend do it; she hated it. The heater is on you so you sweat and it gets your metabolism going. But it works. It really, really changed my body.”

Wow, Tracy Anderson sounds scary and awful. But clearly, Molly Sims loves it. We could probably all benefit by finding a exercise regime that works for us.

4) You Have To Eat Something

“It’s very difficult. I’m not going to lie, we have to stay thin. I do watch my weight. I watch it now for different reasons. But, I mean, I want to be a mother, and I don’t want to be all rail thin and look all old in my face because my ass is going to look a little bit better. Who cares?… anorexia and bulimia are at an all time high, it’s really bad when we glamorize these women who are 70 pounds. These girls are dying. There are two models who died last year. I keep telling girls “you have to eat. You have to eat something. You can’t smoke two packs of cigarettes and drink 14 cups of coffee.”

And your ass will still look fabulous, even if you go out and eat a sandwich. Because then it will be an ass, and not just a collection of sad bones.

5) And That Something Should Not Just Be Rice Cakes and Bananas

“I remember the days when I ate rice cakes and honey and bananas. Not fun! Not fun, you know? But at the end of the day I realized got down to a certain weight and that was my weight. I could starve and it wasn’t going to change it. ”

I guess the real message on this was accepting your body for what it is and learn to love it, but we got hung up on the rice cakes and banana thing (because we’re almost sure that will be a diet fad within a year).