diy lip scrubsDo you guys know how much I love lip scrubs? I know you all know how much I love wearing bright lipstick whenever I leave the house, due to my constant harping on the matter. But it can definitely have a drying effect on my lips, especially since I’m currently flailing around the polar vortex. I have a whole arsenal of scrubs, oils, and balms that I put on my face to keep things hydrated, but I’ve been thinking recently that I spend way too much money on beauty products and I want to start making my own when I can.

Not to get too new agey on you (I can’t help it–I’m from California), I’ve been getting increasingly worried about the chemicals I slather onto my face and body in the pursuit of beauty. I’m never going to have the motivation to do something like make my own mascara or weave my own clothing from my hemp garden, but I think that whenever I can, I’m going to try going for a slightly more natural angle when it comes to products.

I tried out five lip scrub recipes and ranked them in order of which one worked the best for me. After trying these suckers out, I found my new favorite product which I’ve now been slathering all over my face every night, and I’m happy to say my peeling, chapped lips are back in business. Please appreciate how much I tried to make this look fancy, but was thwarted by my dumb phone camera, and total inability to be fancy.

Photo: Shutterstock