Dani Stahl’s column in Nylon magazine, Factory Girl, requires her to travel around the world visiting clothing and product factories. It’s always a fun read, and it’s nice to learn about the processes behind a lot of popular brands. This month, she visited the OPI nail polish factory in Los Angeles, and I never realized how little I knew about one of beauty’s best brands.

  • There 160 active OPI shades at any given time. Colors are retired every year (like crayons!) so that new ones can be unveiled.
  • OPI stands for Odontorium Products Inc. In case “odontorium” wasn’t on your vocabulary list last week, that means the company made dental equipment.
  • Some of the same materials used in dentistry doubled as materials for acrylic nails. OPI realized there was a different market for their products and created a mix of liquid, powder, and primer that eventually became the OPI Traditional Acrylic System.
  • The company makes 55 million bottles of nail polish a year.
  • One of their most popular shades of all time is called Glitzerland. It’s a sparkly bronze color.