A little article in the September Women’s Health magazine gives a few good tips for easier and gentle hairstyling – here are the basic ideas, with some of my embellishments:

1.  Thoroughly wash your hair – spend an extra minute rinsing all the product gunk down the drain.

2.  Don’t bother blowdrying when your bathroom is steamy.  It will take more time and more heat and do more damage to your hair.

3.  Don’t overuse product.  Have you ever put way too much gel or mousse in your hair?  Yucko.  Best to just rinse out what you can.  You’ll be left with plenty in there for your style.

4.  Use good tools.  I am still mega-in love with my Sheila Stotts hair brushes, and just about any good tourmaline dryer (I am very partial to my pink Hot Tools hair dryer – have had it for 2 years and it is going strong!).

5.  Don’t start actually styling your hair til it is 80% dry.  This is the best tip of the bunch here, and not one that you hear over and over.  Until your hair is that dry, you are not “styling” anything.  The shape that you are putting into your hairstyle comes as your hair actually dries.  Before that, you are just removing moisture and potentially damaging the strands with all that yanking and pulling.  I flip my head over, and dry, dry, dry until its fairly close to being dry, then pin up my sections and put the style in.  An added benefit is that it takes a whole lot less time to style your hair.  Sweet.