Well, maybe it won’t be entirely painless. But these great tips from Hibba, the owner of the Soho Salon Hibba NYC, promise to help take the pain level from a ten to a three (even on the super legit pain scale).

1) Start exfoliating that morning. Right after you come out of the shower, with the steam, exfoliate a bit. That way the hair will be softer and the pores will be open, so waxing will be a lot easier.

2) Pop an Advil 2 hours before!

3) Wine helps, too. (Ed note: this is definitely our favorite tip).

4) I know that I shouldn’t say you should never shave. I know that sometimes you have to shave in between waxings. But, if you do, the hair comes back a lot coarser and darker, and sometimes you can even notices three or four hairs in each root. So do try to avoid it.

5) Sugaring is less painful than waxing, because the gel only adheres to the hair, not the skin. If you go to a place that offers sugaring, ask them to do a patch test to make sure it works. If you’re a regular waxer, it should be fine, but if this is your first time or you have very thick hair then you might have to stick with usual wax.  But if you can do it, it tends to be much less painful.