Vaseline has recently released some awesome new products, my very favorite of which is their Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. cocoa-butter-vitalizing-gel-body-oil-vaseline

I keep it by the tub, and use it on my wet body before I dry off. It leaves you totally smooth and very nice and moisturized without being greasy (after a very few minutes anyway). This new line of products from Vaseline have other ingredients besides their classic petroleum jelly, these are absolutely not just repackaged vaseline. They are not expensive, and totally worth a try.

I have the classic Vaseline all over my house. Tubs of it. Everywhere! There are a zillion uses for it, and did you know half of those zillion are beauty related! Here are 50 uses for Vaseline that are totally beauty related (and one very special one at the end that is not), so while you’re out trying the new and wonderful products, grab (another) tub of the classic Vaseline – I know you can put it to good use!

Here are the top 5 uses:

1. Put a coat on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Lots of people swear by this – and say it will make your lashes grow longer and thicker over time.

2. Put a coat of vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks and wake up to softer feet – every day!

3. Put vaseline on your elbows every day – they will stay soft!

4. Put Vaseline on your cuticles several times a day for softer and better looking cuticles every day.

5. Put Vaseline on chapped lips

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