According to Twitter, it’s fucking hot back east! Someone even posted a photo of the temperature reading 101 degrees! I don’t know if that’s in the sun or in the shade, and frankly, I don’t care because it doesn’t affect me. Central air, my loves, central fucking air.

I know for some people the need to exercise even when the heat is off the charts is still something they can’t avoid. It’s an urge, they crave it, they need it and for those who are somewhat obsessed with exercising, the thought of letting a day pass without doing something, anything so as to feel as though they weren’t totally a waste, is a difficult pill to swallow.

As one who’s not keen on sweating and even less keen on exercising, I have compiled a few exercises that perhaps you should give a try instead of killing yourself by running in this ridiculous heat. I’m not suggesting they’ll all work; I’m just saying these are a few options that some people considering exercise.