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Everyone’s favorite comedian Rebel Wilson created and will star in a new television show called Super Fun Night, a sitcom about three exceptionally socially awkward friends who challenge themselves to go out every Friday night. She spoke with Vulture about misfits, women on television, and putting aside her ego to get the laugh. Wilson has emerged as a terrific role model, and her down-to-earth attitude makes her all the more deserving of our admiration. In addition to diversifying our very narrow conception of physical beauty (somebody tell me this woman isn’t stunning), she’s a highly visible example of a woman who won’t sit down and shut up, and who’s finding success because of it.

In case you need more any more convincing that Wilson is the best at everything ever, here’s seven more reasons to fall in love, interspersed with my favorite Rebel gifs.

1. Super Fun Night is actually about an outcast, not a watered-down, “adorkable” type like “TV’s standard popular beauties who are cosmetically nerdy in order to seem interesting, relatable, or relevant.” The lead character Kimmie, played by Wilson, is a true misfit.

2. She has an awesomely inspiring mission written on a Post It note that she refers to constantly in order to keep her show on track. The note reads:

“The bigger purpose in all of this is to inspire girls who don’t think they’re socially all that—who don’t think they’re pretty and popular. To let them know they can have fun and exciting lives.”

3. Wilson was an actual misfit like her character on Super Fun Night, in a way that anyone with sisters and social anxiety can relate to. The way she describes getting out of your comfort zone is spot on:

“I was shy by nature…[M]y sister Liberty and I used to stay home and make Friday nights our fun night. Then I realized—hang on, it’s probably not the best idea for my romantic life to sit home, so I forced myself to go to different parties and clubs. Often the evenings ended in disaster, but when you force yourself out of your comfort zone, you learn stuff.”

4. Wilson followed her dreams, but not in a corny, lame way. The literal way, where you travel to South Africa and contract malaria and have a crazy vision. That’s so Raven.

“I hallucinated that I was an actress and that I was at the Academy Awards and I won. I got up and did an acceptance rap rather than a speech, and the crowd loved it. The image was so vivid and strong that when I came out of the illness, I saw it as a sign: I knew I had to become an actress.”

5. She understands the necessity of a back up plan, and studied law while pursuing acting.

“I gave myself a time line, and if the acting didn’t happen, at least I’d have a law degree.”

6. Her first TV show was an Australian comedy called Bogan Pride that she created, wrote, produced, and starred in. It was subversive and would never fly on television because of its frank handling of “obesity, bullying, religion, and sexuality.”

7. While studio execs seem stymied by the fact that vanity doesn’t get in the way of her work, she makes it clear that she’s shameless if it serves the joke.

“I’m an actress. And if something gets a laugh, I have no problem embarrassing myself. The character is the point. Not my ego.”

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