When it comes to Korean beauty, the method we hear the praises of over and over again is the 10-step method. While there are slight different variations of it (including those with even more steps), the thing that doesn’t change is the fact that it’s super popular thanks to its effective results. However, there are other methods worth knowing about and the latest one that is getting major buzz in Korea is the 7 Skin Method.

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You might initially think that the 7 Skin Method simply involves using multipurpose products to save time, money and bathroom space, but it’s actually a method that just focuses on your toner or essence, and it involves applying the product seven times. Yes, seven times at once. FYI: Byrdie points out that Koreans sometimes refer to their essences as “skins” hence the whole 7 Skin Method thing.

While you might initially balk at the idea of applying a product a whopping seven times at once, it’s worth hearing this one out. After all, we discovered a long time ago that Korea knows what its doing in terms of skincare. The idea is that you cleanse your face then you apply multiple thing layers of the product.

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The idea behind applying multiple layers is that you’re ensuring that your face actually gets the product before it evaporates. Plus, the multiple layers give you dewy, hydrated skin.

Still not convinced? There are plenty of K-beauty lovers out there who swear that it works. Plus, K-beauty website Glow Recipe wrote a blog post on it stating that they were fans.

Of course there is no better way than to decide what you think than trying it out yourself. If the cold winter weather has done a number on your skin, what do you have to lose? You can always start off with three steps and see what happens before taking things up a few levels.