The daily fashion bible, Women’s Wear Daily, has had a total site redesign (that is fabulous, by the way – kudos, WWD!), and you might be interested to know that they are wide open to the public (non subscribers) for this week only. 

wwd-defining-moments-in-fashion In celebration of their new site, the editors at WWD have offered up 75 Defining Moments in Fashion – which you can vote on for the next three weeks (yes, even after WWD closes back down to only subscribers).  Here is how it works:

The 75 Defining Moments in Fashion poll will be fielded in conjunction with Entertainment Tonight, the #1 syndicated entertainment newsmagazine in the world.  WWD Executive Editor Bridget Foley will announce the contest on this evening’s show and will explain the month-long voting process.  At the beginning of each of the first three weeks, 25 new “moments” will be revealed on for readers to vote upon.  On August 25th, the top 15 moments from the previous weeks will be voted on to reveal the #1 Defining Moment in Fashion, which will be announced simultaneously on Entertainment Tonight and on September 2nd.

And I have to say, the best part about this is that when you cast a vote, you will be entered into a drawing to win a handbag worth $2500.  Sweetness!

So do check out WWD – I have been a subscriber for a very long time, it is a great read every day (I don’t even read my local newspaper every day – pitiful).  If you’re interested, a year online subscription is $100 – about $8.50 a month.  Well worth the price if you ask me!

Now don’t go vote, so Ill have a better chance of winning the bag, mmmkay?  ;)

Image: WWD