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If a morning goes by that I don’t have a cup of coffee, I know I’ll be hitching a groggy ride on the struggle bus by about 3pm.

The dependency on coffee is real and I know that I am not the only person that wishes they could inject caffeine directly into their bloodstream when they get into work. I also know that I am definitely not the only person that wishes they could have coffee be a part of every aspect of their life. The smell and taste of coffee is something that has become so cathartic, so intoxicating, that I can’t help but want to have it around all the time. And that exact thought process is what made so many different brands add coffee- and caffeine-infused products to their repertoire.

Here are 8 beauty products that will be any coffee-lover’s BFF.

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Tocca John Robshaw Java Candle (Sephora, $60)


Who doesn’t want their whole house to smell like the best cup of coffee ever?

frank body Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo (frank body, $14.95)


I’ve been in love with frank body for a while and this lip scrub (that smells like a Starbuck’s Vanilla Latte) and lip balm duo is my new best friend.

100% Pure Caffeine Mask (Dermstore, $28)


While this may not be coffee, it’s a caffeine mask. Because that’s really what drinking coffee is all about.

Cup O’ Coffee Face And Body Mask (LUSH, $10.95)


I got this for my best friend for her birthday and it literally smells like a jar of coffee grounds. It’s basically a face mask made of your morning cup.

Fig + Yarrow Cardamom & Coffee Body Scrub (Fig + Yarrow, $48)


Caramom and coffee? That just sounds like a match made in heaven.

Invigorating Coffeemint Bodywash (Wash with Joe, $28)


The mint is there to wake you up just as much as the coffee is. This is just the perfect body wash for your morning shower.

Percup Massage Bar (LUSH, $12.95)


I’ve used this awesome massage bar and honestly, it’s amazing. It smells great (not a super strong coffee smell but just enough) and the whole coffee beans make massaging muscles super easy.

Mediheal Ade Cocao Mask (Beauteque, $1.99)


This baby smells like your favorite non-fat mocha and makes your skin smoother than a skim latte.