Have you ever wondered what women who work the mainstage at night do during the day?

We have! Which is why we like the insight that I Am Stripper Grrl gives us into their routines. Which involve as much time nail filing as you might expect. In a bit of oversharing – if I was going to be naked onstage, I would paint my nails with a leopard print. I have no idea why this is something I’d definitely do, because I wouldn’t do that in normal life, but I guess stripping just seems like the time to just throw caution to the wind with your manicure. I have thought about this in the past. And apparently I was not wrong to do so, because nail care is super important. Stripper Grrl writes:

11:30am – Sit naked in front of the fan to help the tan dry and avoid sweating it off in the summer heat while it sets, then begin painting my nails. Apply base coat of clear nail polish and try to find something to do for at least half an hour (while the base coat dries properly) that doesn’t involve using my hands too much. Often, I’ll browse on the Internet while it’s drying as I can do so without having to use my hands all that much. As long as I don’t mind typing ridiculously slowly, I can even have a conversation online.

12:00pm – Apply first coat of bright red nail polish. Curse when I stuff up and get nail polish on the edge of my finger. The bright red tends to stain skin and is very difficult to remove. Curse some more when I accidentally touch one of my freshly painted nails with a finger and end up with fingerprints on it. Try to touch up said stuffed up fingernail. Curse once more when I realise that I’m hungry and probably should have prepared food /before/ I started doing my nails.

12:30pm – Make toast in an extremely funny-looking manner since that’s about the easiest thing to prepare and eat while attempting to not touch anything. Curse at making an indent in the still soft, supposedly 50 second nail polish that /actually/ takes the better part of a day to dry hard enough to enable me to function as a real human being again. Eat toast.

1:00pm – Apply second coat of bright red nail polish. Curse when I realise that I need to go to the toilet and I probably should have done so /before/ I applied the second coat of polish. Squirm uncomfortably for half an hour.

Yes! Yes! Fast drying nail polish is a lie, it has always been a lie. We don’t mean too make this too “strippers paint their nails and can’t go to the bathroom – they’re just like you!” but the blog is a neat read about a side of life that’s typically either only glamorized or demonized. You can check it our here.