Christie brinkley

You may be thinking, “But dude, dogs barf on me ALL THE TIME and Page Six has never once run a headline about it”. You are correct. So correct I wondered if I was making that headline up when I first saw it. Dead serious, though, their headline today is “Dog Barfs on Christie Brinkley” which made me wonder if it had perhaps the dog was some kind of dog hero, who had barfed to put out a fire on Christie brinkley’s lap. Because that is how dogs get to be heroes in my mind, apparently. They’re just fighting human suffering however they can. Not so, apparently. According to Page Six.

Christie Brinkley wasn’t deterred from partying after a dog tossed its cookies at the 2013 Pet Hero Awards on Saturday. Spies said the supermodel simply did a costume change after the messy event and headed to a Hamptons screening of the Steve Carell movie “The Way, Way Back.” “Christie was running late due to a quick trip home to change after a dog threw up on her at a previous event,” explained a spy at the Goose Creek screening when one of its hosts was seemingly missing. “She did make it in the nick of time for the movie’s introduction.

So, she did not, say, turn and kill the dog in an incredibly dramatic movement. Right. Okay. Nor did she decide to go to an event covered in dog vomit. So, basically, normal things happened. Sometimes dogs throw up. Even on supermodels. Even on them. I am glad that we have established facts about the world.

Picture via Getty