Today, the Daily Mail reported that Kim Kardashian had her ass x-rayed to put to rest any confusion about whether she’d had anything injected or implanted in the area. The resulting slide, pictured above, reassures the public that the Kardashian behind is indeed 100% real.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask: did we really need this proof? Is it so hard to believe that a human fanny with some meat on it can be found in nature? The article notes that the reality star has been fending off questions as to the authenticity of her badonk for some time:

The raven-haired Armenian beauty has been forced to fight rumours that she’s had a procedure carried out on her backside for years now.

In one recent interview with ABC Nightline, she categorically denied that she had gone under the knife to enhance the appearance or increase the size of her backside.

‘Those are just rumours, I don’t think I’ll ever outlive them. For the record, no butt implants. No butt injections, no anything to my butt,’ she said.

Yes, Kim’s ass is enviably pert and round, but plenty of women are gifted with such a plethora of junk in their trunk. It’s just that it’s Kim’s job to keep the rest of her body in perfect proportion to her caboose.

At any rate, I’m glad to see that this doctor has so much extra time to put Kim’s rear under an x-ray machine for the sake of reality television. I will assume that this means that everyone else in the world is healthy and doesn’t need to see him. Yay!