You know, I’ve always been apt to regard bathrooms as the last modern sanctuary. When I was a kid, whenever I felt overwhelmed by… anything, really… I’d lock myself in the bathroom and read. I knew that I could basically stay there as long as I wanted and no one could ask to see me or bother me. I still feel like they’re safe places, in general. I guess the owners of the Shimmy Club in Glasgow really wanted me to stop feeling that way, because they installed two way mirrors in their bathrooms.

According to our friends at Jezebel:

The brand-new Shimmy Club in Glasgow, Scotland has allegedly celebrated its opening by installing two-way mirrors in some of its private rooms. Aye, aye, creepiness!

Scottish newspaper, Express, claims to have seen photos showing a group of young men with a clear view of women using the bathroom. They also say that the nightclub hasn’t posted any signs alerting patrons to the restrooms that nightmares built. Lovely.

This is my worst nightmare, pretty much. Someone from the club has replied in the Jezebel comments saying that:

The Shimmy Club’s two-way mirror is a design feature created as a bit of fun, an interactive feature which we hoped would act as a talking point for people visiting The Shimmy. The vast majority of people who have visited the club have taken it as such. Its clear that those who are negatively commenting on line may not have been lucky enough to get past the door staff yet and viewed the area as they would have seen that the sight line is very limited and allows for glimpses into the wash up area only of the ladies loos (there is also a separate mirror area which is completely out of view of the club).

This makes me feel slightly better, but, all the same, please do not go around sticking two way mirrors in bathrooms at clubs. In fact, do not go around sticking two way mirrors anyplace. Just don’t do it. Promise? Okay, great.

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