Post New Years, I needed a bit of a mood boost.

Aveda Karma Color

For just about everyone, 2009 royally blew chunks — and while the jury is still out on 2010 — starting the new year with a new look is always a great jumping point.

Just in the nick of time, I got an exciting invite from Aveda: They were launching the Aveda Color Karma site and wanted to recruit a few beauty bloggers for before-and-after color transformations.

Visit the site today and click on “before/after transformations” at the foot of the page, and you will see what karma had in store for my friends and I. I got a really cool medium brown undertint that looks super edgy with a pony, and golden blond low-lights throughout. Is it a major change? No. But it’s one that really brightened up my seasonal mood!

Visit Jimmy at Aveda’s SoHo location – he’s totally awesome, and really listened to my fears. (i.e. I would lose my identity if I veered too far from my blondness.) And, the karma is perfect for those of us who are a little chemical leery – it’s 99% plant-based, making it totally safe for even BKT-users like me!

Another reason to visit the site – which you may see as more incentive than just looking at pix of me — to celebrate today’s launch of the site/karma color, you can enter for a chance to win an Austrian spa getaway. Also, grab your coupon for $20 any Aveda color service!