Okay, look, we need to talk.

Come in.

Shut the door.

Here. Have a delicious danish.

You know how you like the beautiful curvy ladies like Christina Hendricks? That’s great. Really, that’s so great. I mean, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that Christina Hendricks is outrageously gorgeous and her face is perfectly symmetrical, but okay.

And I know that the skinny girls in magazines made you/your friend/”your friend” attempt to purge ineffectively in 7th grade. But there are different body types out there. Some girls are naturally very skinny. Some of those people are actually right here. Lilit is a size zero, and I watch her eat egg and cheese filled bagels pretty much all day long. She doesn’t puke up her food in the toilet. It’s just the way her body is, and that’s cool. (She would also like to say “there are few phrases I hate more than ‘eat a sandwich.’ You know what I’m not allowed to say? ‘Take some diet pills.’)

Some girls have more curves. Everyone is beautiful. Except for people with asymmetrical faces. Those people  should wear more make-up.

Because between facebook groups and weird reader comments about how we’re assholes for not including plus sized models in a historical model round-up where we suggested you add your favorites in the comments, it seems like the quest to become more accepting of different body types actually means being less accepting of different body types. These people who talk about how women have to be curvaceous to be acceptable are discriminating every bit as much as the people who say that women have to be size zero to be acceptable.

Seriously. You’re not making curvy girls feel better, you’re just making skinny girls feel shitty.

Women. They come in different sizes. Sometimes that size is an extra-small. Deal with it.

How was that danish? Delicious? Good.