So, full disclosure: this video is a year old. Sorry if you’ve seen it before. If so, here are some recent stories about Kristen Stewart‘s Twilight wedding dress and the Kardashians being assholes.

Anyway. This is Cassandra, plucky Youtube make-up instructor also known by her screenname, DiamondsAndHeels14. This old video of hers is making the rounds right now, and if you haven’t seen it, you should.

When the video begins, Cassandra appears per usual with flawless make-up. She then explains she suffers from severe cystic acne (which you’d never guess) and within a minute, the make-up goes away. You can tell the reveal is hard for her and she says as much.

However, we were really impressed with her courage! By exposing her so-called biggest insecurity and tackling it in such a blunt manner, the message of the video is pretty empowering: “If you have terrible acne, there are ways to work around it.” Way to go.


(Fashion Indie via Styleite)