When Natalie Dormer shaved half her head for The Hunger Games, we loved it so much we wanted to steal it for ourselves. But then Adam Levine went and actually stole it for himself, and now we just hate him more than ever.

Our distate for Adam Levine is deep, but seemingly without cause or cure. We could not tell you why we dislike him, just that we don’t like his music and for some reason he seems so far up his own butt that he reminds us of a skeevy, dude version of Gwyneth Paltrow, or Guy Fieri if Guy Fieri took himself way too seriously. (We know People wants us to buy him as the sexiest man alive, but we’ve always found him about as sexy as a lap full of cold, buttered noodles and not nearly as sexy as these guys.)

But Levine has debuted a new look that is remarkably similar to Dormer’s cool, half-shaved head. He left most of his hair long and slicked back with a dump truck full of gel, then shaved just the right side of his head. The left side of his head looks the same as ever.


While Dormer looks sexy and edgy with her half-shave, we think Levine just looks lame and try-hard.

According to People, Voice co-host Blake Shelton took some time to rag on Levine’s dumb new haircut at last night’s Voice season 6 private concert in L.A.

“Get a full mohawk next time,” said the giant, curly-haired Shelton. “You’ve got half a Mohawk.”

“I don’t want a full one,” Levine said.

No sir, we do not like this. But we weren’t going to like it no matter what he did, and at least this gives us the opportunity to observe some good, old-fashioned Blake Shelton teasing.

(Photos: WENN)