Adele TattooAs far as we’re concerned, Adele can pretty much do no wrong. We love her songs, her hair, her eyeliner, and her tattoos. Though her latest tattoo is kind of an odd one, because Adele just went out and got a tattoo just like one of Lana Del Rey‘s.

“The lovely Adele came in to get tattooed today,” Bang Bang Tattoo wrote yesterday on a Facebook post showing a smiling Adele in big sunglasses showing off the word “Paradise” written along the outside of her left hand.

Lana Del Rey also has “Paradise” tattooed on the outside of her left hand. Del Rey’s is written in a different font, but otherwise the tattoos are the same.

Lana Del Rey Adele Tattoo

Del Rey explained her tattoo in an interview with Der Spiegel, saying:

Death and paradise for me are linked. I expect after my death, something that is very calm and relaxed. This can already be described as paradise. It is so loaded with meaning. I just like the word “paradise”. I even tattooed it on my hand.

Del Rey also has “trust no one” tattooed on the outside edge of her right hand.

We don’t know if Adele’s version of the left hand Paradise tattoo has any particular meaning, or if she just liked the way it looked, and her being tattoo twins with Del Rey could be either homage or pure coincidence. At the moment it’s not clear if Del Rey knows about Adele’s tattoo, or if Adele even knows about Del Rey’s.

We hope they’re both cool with the similarity, because those suckers are pretty permanent.

Via Grazia/Photos: Facebook/BangBangTattoos, Facebook/LanaDelRey