There’s certain things I don’t expect to be cute.

Tampons and panty liners are some of those things. As long as they do their job, I’m usually pretty satisfied.

But why CAN’T they be cute??? They can…as my new selection from Moxie attests.

Compact in purse-worthy tins, Moxie is an Australian brand that makes everything from panty liners to tampons – all in packaging that looks almost like decor, but at the very least is not remotely embarrassing to be seen fall out of your bag.

Plus, they are 100% recyclable tins – meaning you aren’t just bettering YOUR environment but THE environment.

Anyway, they are totally designer-chic girl worthy, are slim, and cost about the same as the not-cute ones I have been buying for the past 15 years. Why wouldn’t I switch???