"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

It’s sometimes hard to look at Adriana Lima. For one thing, she’s the kind of beautiful that just zaps all the energy out of your brain and makes your eyes feel tired. For another thing, she’s so good at walking and smiling and posing and existing that she gets paid large sums of money just to occupy her body, and it’s depressing to look at photos of her when you’re working an entry level job. That’s why I’m, admittedly, a little bit excited that an embarrassing moment in the life of Adriana has been caught on film. While I definitely don’t wish any pain or humiliation on her (or any other famous person I’ve never met, save perhaps John Mayer), there’s something cathartic about watching someone so pretty, confident, and effortless… looking like a regular human moron.

The event in question took place yesterday afternoon. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel is getting back to her old gig of modeling for Maybelline, and in the middle of a recent shoot (in which she’s wearing flood pants and strappy heels? I didn’t know those were happening again), Adriana sashayed past a bus. Well, she tried to sashay past a bus, and instead whacked her head into some kind of pole hanging off of it. Yikes.

Adriana swiftly ducked away into the vehicle, not even pausing to catch her bearings, and that was that. What a badass. I would have done the exact same thing– but instead of classily brushing off the whole incident, I’d have fallen flat on my face, squealed with pain like the lady from that viral grape smashing video, and continued to not be a famous supermodel.

I hope she didn’t get hurt too badly, and I know this must have been really embarrassing for her, but this accident somehow makes me like her a lot more. Not only does it humanize her, but it proves that she knows how to handle an awkward situation. Kudos to you, Adriana Lima. Put some ice on your forehead.

Via ONTD / Photo: Getty Images