It’s hard to be a model/”it girl” who dabbles in various creative genres without coming off like an obnoxious, egotistical dilettante. Like, isn’t it enough that you get paid to be pretty and cool? Do you have to join your boyfriend’s mediocre band as well, making it even worse in the process? (I’m looking at you, Charlotte Kemp Muhl.)

For some reason, Agyness Deyn is able to pull this off like few others can. I don’t know if it’s her excellent taste in projects, avoidance of saying stupid things to the press, or general “rad vibe,” but I can’t get mad at anything this girl does. First she recorded a song with the British New Wave revivalists Five O’Clock Heroes, and now she’s been cast as a stripper in a re-make of the 1996 drug movie Pusher. Via Vogue UK:

“AGYNESS DEYN has been cast as an erotic dancer in a film re-make of the 1996 cult classic, Pusher – a story detailing a week in the life of a drug dealer called Frank. Originally set in Copenhagen, the new version – directed by Luis Prieto – will be filmed in Shoreditch, London.

Prieto wasn’t aware of who Deyn was when the pair first met and reportedly chose the model based on her impressive audition, casting her as the role of Flo – a strong-minded stripper, who is given an escape route out of the country through Frank. The film will be produced by the tale’s original director Nicolas Winding Refn.”

English people, nudity, drugs…sounds like an exciting film to me. Godspeed, you British icon of adorableness. May you play the toughest, punkest, pixie cut-est stripper of all time.