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Here’s my thing about eye rollers: As much as I enjoy mascara and liquid eyeliner and all that good stuff, I’m weird about putting anything near my eyes. In fact, one of my biggest fears about my slowly deteriorating eyesight (I’ve needed a new glasses prescription every few years since my junior year of high school) is the idea of having to learn how to put in contact lenses. I mean, I’m sorry, but inserting something into your eyeball is just not natural, even if it’s there for the purpose of improving your eyesight. So, when Airelle sent over their Age-Defying Eye + Lip Treatment, I was skeptical: Would it really help my eyes, or would it just bolster all of my previously-held fears regarding the majority eyeball products? Let’s find out.

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Here’s what it looks like:

airelle eye roller

Seems unassuming enough, but I remain skeptical and also mildly fearful. Here’s what the product claims achieve:

“Puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of things – allergies, hangovers, fatigue, or just plain old aging. But don’t stress, Airelle’s eye and lip roller will de-puff all your problems! This lightweight Berrimatrix formula blends into your eye area immediately, making it hard to stop applying. The metal ball releases just the right amount of serum to reduce puffiness and make your eyes look rested (PS. it can be stored in your fridge for an extra kick!)”

Okay, so I do get the occasional puffy eye, usually as a result of my poor sleep habits, my (very, very bad) habit of forgetting to remove my eye makeup before bed, and/or hangovers. Plus, the first ingredient listed on the back of the product box is aloe, and my perpetually sunburnt skin loves it some aloe. So, I put my fears aside and gave it a go. I used the product as directed (twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening) for one week to see if it could really de-puff my eyes.

Please enjoy my just-out-of-bed, makeup-free face circa one week ago:

airelle before

As you can see, I’m relatively puffy under the eyes. As you can also see, I’m relatively incapable of looking like a normal human being while taking a selfie. Unfortunately, Airelle’s roller ball treatment only solves the former problem.

I’ll admit that I was expecting to see results almost immediately, but that might be because I’m an inherently impatient person. So, while my eyes weren’t necessarily any better after one day of application, I did enjoy the feeling of the treatment on my skin. The product is cool enough that I went without refrigerating it, and there was an overall cooling sensation that wasn’t altogether unpleasant. Plus, it was mild enough that there was no burning or tearing up, which is something that I’m always nervous about when it comes to eye treatments and serums.

Click through to see if it actually worked!

Here’s the result of one full week of application:

airelle after

So, as you can see, the results really weren’t all that noticeable. I’m still puffy even after using the product religiously for a week, and while that might have more to do with the way my eyes just naturally are than the effectiveness of the product, I will say that I was expecting and hoping for more.

That said, I fully intend to keep using the product. Fortunately, eye puffiness isn’t a huge problem of mine, and I liked the feeling of the roller ball on the sensitive skin under my eyes more than I thought I would. And who knows? Maybe after a few more weeks I’ll see some major differences. All I know is, as long as I don’t actually have to stick it in my eye for it to do its job, I’m on board with a nice cooling serum.