Ana Hadid Loui & GreyThe Hadids have pretty much taken over the modeling industry. Gigi Hadid is literally on every magazine and billboard you look at. She just landed a coveted spot in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The fashion campaigns keep on stacking up for Bella Hadid too. She is in the latest Topshop holiday campaign among many others. We also cannot forget about their little brother Anwar Hadid who is already making a name for himself in the fashion industry. Just when you think that the Hadids have covered most of the fashion industry, it emerges that there is another one who is getting into the modeling game.

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Alana Hadid is the newest Hadid causing waves in fashion. Alana is the older half-sister of Bella, Gigi and Anwar. She has made her modeling debut with a campaign for Lou & Grey, Anna Taylor‘s more casual line. It is clear that the camera loves her as much as the rest of the family. Just take a look at the gorgeous photos from the campaign.  When you look at the campaign photos, the resemblance to her half-siblings is clear. She has Gigi’s intense blue eyes and blonde hair while there is definitely something in her intense gaze that will remind you of Bella.Alana Hadid Lou and Grey

Alana’s Instagram account profile describes her as a “personal shopper/stylist/fashionie person.” Lou & Grey’s blog, The Ampersand, interviewed Alana to go along with the campaign, so we get to find out even more about her. She grew up in DC and LA and describes her style point of view as “a very Clarissa Explains It All view on fashion in a very Blair Waldorf world.” She cites Anna Dello Russo and Man Repeller‘s Leandra Medine as her fashion inspirations.

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Alana isn’t just a stylist, personal shopping and model-in-the-making. She is also a clothing designer. Her line is Current Emoji, and yes, you guessed it, it is dedicated to fun emoji-themed clothing. You can mark that as another corner of the industry the Hadids have covered.

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Do not be surprised if some brand features all four Hadids in a campaign because that would be golden, especially if it is a holiday one. And if you think that there can’t possibly be anymore Hadids in modeling, think again. I’m sure there are lots more equally gorgeous cousins, and second cousins just waiting to come out of the woodwork. And Alana also has a sister. Start counting the days until she gets her own campaign.

Check out the Lou & Grey blog The Ampersand to read more about Alana Hadid.

(Photo: Lou & Grey)