Alessandra Ambrosio, of the even-our-name-is-sexy Ambrosios, has something to tell us: she is with child! Four months into her pregnancy, to be precise. This means that she was two months pregnant when she walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in the above outfits. And yet, there she was, looking quite skinny and walking in heels. Heroic!

According to the various websites that pop up when you google “when does pregnancy start to show,” most women don’t really look pregnant until the second trimester. Still, considering the lengths that some VS models go to to rid their bodies of every last ounce of fat and water weight, even the tiniest little bump could be a deal breaker, because God forbid a lingerie model should have any curves besides boob-curves. (Supposedly, the uterus grows from the size of a lemon to that of a tennis ball in the first two months.) Looking back at the photos, it does indeed appear that steps were taken to hide her stomach; her outfits included two corsets, plus this bejeweled number:

Can you see signs of an unfairly good-looking fetus in there somewhere?

In any case, mazel tov to Ambrosio and her fiancé Jamie Mazur on their second child. May she fully enjoy the delightful snack foods of pregnancy.

(Via Jezebel)