alexa chung met ball 2012

Some people at TheGloss aren’t huge fans of Alexa Chung (Ashley). Some other people are won over sheerly, nonsensically, by the way Brigitte Bardot alliterates (me) (also, I kind of like Alexa Chung). You can guess which half of us loved Alexa’s Chung’s hairstyle last night.

The hairstyle was created by Diego Da Silva of Sebastian Professional, and he notes it  was “inspired by the 1960’s feel of dress and wanted to revisit a shorter haired, rock and roll Brigitte Bardot version of modern times.” To duplicate it, he tells us you should:

  1. Wash hair with Sebastian Professional Light Shampoo and Conditioner for lightweight conditioning and enhanced softness.
  2. Apply Sebastian Professional Texturizer to the roots of damp hair for added lift and use a round brush to blow-dry.
  3. With a fine-tooth comb, backcomb the roots and then use a brush to soften the appearance.
  4. Loosely pull the hair back into a half ponytail leaving the face-framing fringe flowing in front, and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Spritz Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper for lasting hold.