Helpfully captioned!

Yesterday, filed a little profile of Karlie Kloss--arguably the biggest Fashion (capital F) model in the world–and hit her with some hardball questions like what nail polish she’s wearing and what’s in her bag (“Spearmint gum, dark chocolate, and some kind of delicious snack”). The write-up is pretty uneventful for people who don’t love models as much as we do, but at the end, Kloss recounts some advice the great Alexander McQueen once gave her. Apparently she was nervous about hitting the runway in a challenging dress:

Alexander McQueen once told me before I went out on the runway (I was wearing a dress that was very long and difficult to walk in, and I was concerned the dress was going to get caught on my shoe), “Don’t worry, Karlie; if it does, just take it off and throw it, throw the dress. Remember—YOU own the dress, the dress does not own you!” It was a moment I will never forget.

Thanks, Karlie; we appreciate that little reminder of Alexander McQueen’s greatness.