I’m in ur sparklers, plottin ur death.

Is there anything better than seeing people who are currently A-list celebrities rocking bad ’90s fashions in ads of the past?

She might have donned period clothing for her role on Mad Men, but some newly resurfaced ads show Alexis Bledel being retro in a different way…an awesomely bad late ’90s Delias catalog way. Perhaps you are old enough to remember this look?


The ads come to us courtesy of The Huffington Post, which has never met a bit of embarrassing nostalgia it didn’t like.


LOL at her, with her lip gloss and her tiny raver buns! Aren’t you glad we don’t wear things like that anymore?

Oh wait…

Here’s Australian model Anja Konstantinova looking very “of the moment” in a hilarious trend from 15 years ago:


(Via Instagram)

Here’s Azealia Banks in that music video that Rihanna ripped off:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.52.25 PM

And here are two recent photos from a style blog illustrating the manner in which yin yangs and chokers are back as well (SEAPUNK 4 LIFE!):




(Via OhMyLove)

I haven’t seen too much evidence yet that butterfly clips are back, but I wouldn’t put it past fashion to do it. And you can’t see what she’s wearing on her feet, but I’m willing to bet it’s some chunky, Doc Marten-looking shoes by Candies. Candies!

So really, these ads are not really as embarrassing to Alexis Bledel as they are to all of us, in that they show fashion will stop at nothing to recycle past trends, even if those trends are absolutely ridiculous. We may not have known better in the ’90s (we were young!), but we really should know better now.

And am I the only one who thinks it is way too soon to be doing the late ’90s thing, anyway? I mean, I’m 28 and I remember very clearly how cool I thought those things were the first time around. What are we going to get nostalgic about next, the early 2000s? Oh God, we are, aren’t we? Way to make me feel old, fashion. Thanks a bunch.

(Via HuffPost)