Woman Shocked Look At Hair

You will never bitch about your hairdresser after reading this. According to The Daily Mail, Alexis Stanton from Gateshead, England, experienced a hair disaster that makes your failed attempts to dye your hair rainbow colors at home look like salon-quality successes.

The mother-of-two got extensions put in at her house from a mobile beautician she had previously received spray tans from. During the application, Alexis complained that her scalp was becoming irritated. The beautician informed her that the pain would subside in 24 hours, after the hair “slackened off.”

After a day passed, Alexis was still experiencing severe discomfort, so she went to a salon to have them remove the extensions. When the new hairdresser saw that Alexis was in tears from the pain, she asked her to call up the beautician who put in the extensions. It was only then that Alexis found out that the beautician had used super glue. Yes, you read that right, super glue. As in the same super glue that your dad uses to fix broken ceramic tiles.

Alexis had her extensions braided with the super glue adhered on top, so it is no surprise that she ended up in the hospital. She was prescribed a steroid cream to soothe her irritated, bloody scalp.

I’m pretty sure by the way things have gone so far, you can tell the ending to this story isn’t going to be a good one. Alexis ended up having to shave her head. And that doesn’t fix all of the damage because she’s still left with bald patches from where the glue bonded to her head. Ouch.

Alexis told The Daily Mail about her awful experience:

‘I’m still in pain in my head. It’s damaged my scalp. I’ve cried so much since it happened I don’t think I’ve got any more tears left.”

It’s no surprise that she’s demanded a criminal investigation, and police are now looking into the situation.

As for the beautician who thought super glue would make a great hair product, she claims that she is not a hairdresser and Alexis was aware of that. She also says that the story has been “grossly exaggerated.”

Regardless of what the police investigation concludes, the one thing we all know about this situation is that of all the reasons to fire a hairdresser, this has to be at the top of the list.

[H/T Daily Mail]

(Photo: Sheftsoff/Shutterstock)