Who doesn’t love a beauty history lesson? We’ve had the chance to learn the history of wedding hairstyles, Swedish beauty, piercings and much, much more. The latest lesson? We’re learning about the history of hair color in Allure‘s “100 Years of Hair Color” video. Spoiler alert: It’s definitely going to make you want to dye your hair.

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The video covers hair color trends from the 1920s to modern times. While you might be familiar with the iconic hairstyles from decades gone by, we sometimes don’t take into consideration the hair colors. Thankfully, the video brings them to the forefront.

We see the evolution beginning with a jet black hair color in the 1920s to platinum blonde a la Jean Harlow in the next decade. The 1940s saw darker hair colors become popular because of rationing, but by the 1950s things were a lot blonder thanks to Marilyn Monroe. We even see spray-on hair colors become a major trend.

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By the 1960s, more people than ever are coloring their hair and frosted tip kits become trendy thanks to the trend for highlighted hair in movies. The 1970s continues the “frosting” trend with sun-kissed highlights. When we get to the 1980s, rainbow hair lovers will love all of the punk-inspired ‘dos from the decade. And of course Madonna helped make visible roots a thing. This progressed to the chunky highlights of the 1990s before we end up in present times.

Of course, there are so many hair colors that we would need more than one video to fit them all in. From ombre to rose gold hair to salmon sushi hair to unicorn manes, we’re living in a time when pretty much any hair color goes. So, why not use the opportunity to make an old school look cool again? Good luck choosing your favorite decade.