Piercings are a personal thing like other forms of body modification, however, there have been some clear trends that have emerged throughout the decades. Think back to the lip rings and bellybutton piercings of the 2000s to the septum piercings of today. To show how piercing trends have evolved, Allure has created the “100 Years of Piercing” video and it is a fascinating watch.

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If you’re a fan of the all of the fashion and beauty evolution videos that are out there, you’re going to like this body modification version. The two-minute long video covers piercing trends from the 1920s to modern times. Jewelry fans will also be pleased to see that the video gives us some inspo on the jewelry trends too.

While you might be familiar with the last few decades’ piercings trends, you might not be as aware of the older trends. For example, did you know in the 1920s that clip-on earrings were favored because actual piercings were seen as a taboo? Or did you know when the ear piercing gun was invented?

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The video progresses from clip-on earrings in the 1920s to statement Art Deco earrings in the 1930s. In the 1940s and 1950s we begin to see nose piercings. Then in the 1990s, we really start to see more facial and body piercings.

Whether you have zero piercings, only two holes in your ears, or you’re rocking constellation piercings, the history of piercing will probably interest you because it shows the way other trends, advances and ideals helped shape body modification to create the piercing trends that we know and love today.