blackberry-fashion-week I love my Blackberry, I really do.  I love all the Google Apps that work flawlessly, I love the camera with zoom and I have a steadfast refusal to turn into a looney Apple fan.  I love my pink leather case.  But, if they don’t get into the style groove, like the iPhone has been, I am going to have to switch. 

Spring 09 Fashion Week starts later this week.  I am not going to be there.  (That is another gripe for another day.)  It would be awfully nice if I had an iPhone and could install the dad gummed application that will take me there.  If you are one of the lucky ones, you can get the application from iTunes.  There will be a delay of a few hours between the show happening and it showing up on your phone, but it will be there.  Mary Jo, how about a nice trip to Texas this week?  You can love on my piglets while they are still little and cute, and while we watch Fashion Week on your iPhone.


Now, RIM, geeks are not the only ones using a Blackberry.  Do you want to lose your entire fashionista userbase (and there are A LOT) to the iPhone?  I didn’t think so.  Please help a girl out. If not this week, then before the Fall 09 shows  — mmmkay?