For those of you who don’t remember, the above photo is what Amanda Bynes used to look like. Remember that sweet smile and long, flowing hair? Neither do I, really, because I stopped paying attention to her career after All That went off the air, but nevertheless — this is what she looked like in 2009! You know, before all that hubbub about DUIs and weed in the car and having supposed meltdowns in tanning salons.

These days, when she is not hitting people with cars like she is on an adult carnival ride, she tweets and says things that make some of us worry a bit. For example, she told Us Weekly she wants to lose 20 pounds so she can eventually hit 100 (Bynes is 5’8″). While I support a person’s right to do whatever she wants to her body, I find it rather sad that she still feels the need to lose weight to such a largescale, potentially unhealthy extent.

Her recent tweeted photo, while less worrying, is no less dramatic. In fact, I would never have recognized her had she not been posting it from her own account. Behold…


A little different, right? With her tanned skintone, exaggerated pastel lip, new piercing, heavy falsies and big weave, Bynes looks nearly unrecognizable compared to her old appearance. As I said, I support anybody’s right to look however they want (unless they, say, shave Nazi symbols into their hair and attend a Holocaust survivor’s funeral…then my open support is null…otherwise, do whatcha want), but I was admittedly taken aback when I saw this photo. Obviously, she still technically looks like Amanda Bynes, just Amanda Bynes After rather than her earlier version shown at the top of this page.

Sometimes I wonder, though, if celebrities occasionally do their makeup, hair and style super different than usual simply to avoid the paparazzi. Granted, this would be negated in Bynes’ case since she posted a shot on Twitter, but still…if I were a photographer, I’m not sure I would bother taking photos of somebody I totally didn’t think was a celebrity.

Photos: A. Miller/WENN & Twitter.