Amanda Bynes wearing a bizarre wig leaves Manhattan Criminal Court and gets in a taxi, where she reads her court date notice.

Amanda Bynes leaving Manhattan Criminal Court on May 24th

As much as it saddens us to cover the downward spiral of Amanda Bynes, she continues to make news and thus is the nature of blogging about pop culture.

The troubled former child star took to Twitter on Sunday to announce she’s undergone another rhinoplasty (though it sounds like she’s getting these new-fangled “liquid nose jobs” that Brandi Glanville is so psyched about).

Bynes tweeted:

“My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!”

That mugshot, of course, stems from a recent incident in which Bynes was arrested for allegedly hurling a bong from the window of her Midtown Manhattan apartment–and subsequently claiming that one of the investigating NYPD officers “slapped her in the vagina.” The NYPD, predictably, insists this isn’t the case.

Bynes told TMZ that the latest procedure took place and left her with “no bandage on. It’s healing on it’s [sic] own like my doctor asked.” She added, “I’m getting one more in 3 weeks, they are short amazing surgeries done while I’m awake but under general anesthesia. It’s almost perfect.”

(via TMZ, Twitter, image via Wenn)