amanda-bynes-piercing-cheek via amandabynes1986 tumblr

The ever-confusing Amanda Bynes has been in the media for the last couple of months due to a variety of unfortunate reasons, none of which have been particularly flattering. Now, however, Amanda Bynes’ piercing she’s just debuted via her blog is getting a whole lot of attention.

She posted the photos on her personal Tumblr, captioning it with just a little “:)” which feels part coy, part annoying and part less-annoying-than-a-hit-and-run. Considering she was charged with a DUI in June, two (separate) counts of driving with a suspended license and two (also separate) counts of hit-and-run in September, I’d say that any news not involving cars and Bynes is good news. That said, her piercing looks a little fishy to me.

I am by no means an expert at body modification in any way, but I have had my hip pierced thrice, a microdermal in my chest for five, my nose pierced 11 times (I’ve had a lot of surgeries and accidents), and a few others done, as well. I feel like I know what a freshly done piercing look like and for some reason, this looks like the jewelry is sitting on top of her skin rather than having been placed through it. In another photo, it looks a little more flush with her face; the Instagram-y nature of the pictures make it hard to tell, though.

But, again, I’m no expert so I have no idea; maybe my eyes are just confused or maybe she just likes the look of stick-on jewelry. Who knows? It’s Amanda Bynes, and I will likely not be able to solve the Amanda Bynes Piercing Query anytime soon without better photos. All that matters is that she’s in the news for something other than smoking a bowl while driving and hitting people and stumbling around tanning salons completely naked. Baby steps.

Photo: Amanda Bynes