Look, I’m not here to diagnose Amanda Bynes‘s potential mental conditions or to insist I know what’s going on with her or to say what I think she needs. People have ranged from writing that she has bipolar disorder to depression to just plain “craziness.” While I agree that something is clearly up with her, I am not comfortable with declaring what, nor how she should be treated.

But I will say that I am worried, once again, since she posted topless and bra-only photos on Twitter (her primary means of communication since firing her rep) that include a caption saying she needs to lose 35 pounds.

amanda bynes twitter topless photo 2

As a result of Bynes’ somewhat bizarre behavior lately — the “vagina murder” incident, shaving half her head (which is actually kind of normal), the “twerking” videos, the eating disorder declaration — there has been a lot of speculation that she’s experiencing mental illness issues. In response, Bynes has been increasingly irate on Twitter.

For example, she’s got extremely angry when people have recently analyzed her, calling out to them on Twitter as “ugly.” In fact, when Complex Magazine wrote a piece on Bynes’ having a “breakdown” on Twitter, she posted an enormous rant directed at how much better she is than them. Here’s a portion:

I just read an article saying I’m having a break down on twitter. I tweet like every person on the face of the earth. I’m not making empty threats on twitter. Everything I say will come true for me. I don’t need your advice thanks! Are any of you multi-millionaires? I highly doubt it! Because I’m loaded! Millionaires do things less desperately than average folks like you. You are pathetic writers and a lame excuse for a magazine. I have so much money that I’m giddy all day, every day. Not needing to work again is far more impressive than any of your ugly writers careers.

I’m sad that people and publications are pretending they’re on her side to convince Bynes to do interviews with them. I’m sad I initially judged her and wrote it off as being “ridiculous celebrity behavior” when, in fact, it seems she may be in genuine trouble (although celebrities are really odd sometimes, so maybe it is just “eccentric millionaire” behavior). I’m sad she feels she needs to lose over a fourth of her body weight.

Literally as I wrote this post, she called Jenny McCarthy “ugly” and an “old lady” for tweeting that police were at Bynes’ home — a story that several outlets have reported after a McCarthy retweeted information from a publicist who posted that Bynes was “soooo messed up on drugs” and begged the cops to find her.

It doesn’t help that her fans are egging her on, telling her she’s “the queen.” Everyone loves a good breakdown, particularly one involving a celebrity, and people are rooting for her to fail. I guarantee there are magazines sending out paparazzi to follow her simply because they’re anticipating Bynes doing something drastic or awful; I realize this sounds morbid and pessimistic toward humanity, but if you’ve ever picked up a tabloid, you know that pessimism for humanity is a rather rational response.