"Lovelace" - Las Vegas Premiere

Celebrities are fascinating creatures. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the people we see at red carpet events are just regular human beings who eat food and have pets and occasionally puke on themselves. When their beauty and poise seem unattainable, it’s comforting to hear that their hygiene routines aren’t always flawless. Several celebrities have admitted to not washing their faces before bed, and now Amanda Seyfried is speaking up about her somewhat unusual hair regimen. According to My Daily,

“I only wash my hair every few days”, she reveals. “I use Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo in between if I feel oily.” When she does wash her hair, Amanda uses Bumble and Bumble’s Creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner.

Interesting! After researching the benefits of replacing shampoo with natural products, I’ve only been washing my hair about twice a week, and I can confirm that it works really well for me. If you run a little on the greasier side, though, we have an easy tutorial that can teach you how to use dry shampoo like Amanda’s talking about. Her favorite brand is a tad pricey (about $36 for 5 ounces, if you’re asking Amazon), but maybe it’s worth it. I’m always a little bit skeptical when a celebrity endorses a specific product– especially now that I know how much A-listers get paid just to express vague interest in a brand— but it’s also cool to hear what she uses. Now I know I can go buy those products and I’ll completely transform into Amanda Seyfried. I’ll keep that in mind. In case of emergencies.

Via ONTD / Photo: Getty Images