When I first heard that Amanda Seyfried was going to be the new face of Givenchy, I got excited, because more Amanda Seyfried is always a good thing in my book. She’s also got that much sought after “down to earth” quality that makes me feel like we could be friends, and it’s both funny and exciting when your hilarious girlfriends (pretend or otherwise) land a job based on how sexy they are.

Her first ad for Givenchy’s “Very Irrésistible” Franglish fragrance is already out, and while it’s a little bit shorter than I’d like it to be, it does a decent job sidestepping the dream sequence nonsense that pollutes most perfume commercials. It’s not exactly cinema verite, but it does follow a kind of internal logic, which is all I’ve ever asked for from a perfume ad. In it, an intriguing stranger dressed all in black steps into a Paris cafe. And all the well-dressed people inside stare at her! As old Western music plays, she slowly lifts her hat to reveal that she is not Zorro and not The Lone Ranger, but Amanda Seyfriend, risk taking Hollywood actress.

She throws off her coat and hat to reveal her flowing blonde hair and a gorgeous white dress, and then it is over. Sneaky Amanda Seyfried! It was you all along! And…scene.

What happens after she throws her coat at the camera? Does she drink some absinthe and play the piano? Does she bust out with some badass hiphop karaoke? Does she hook up with that hot bartender? With any luck, these questions will be answered in the next installment of Amanda’s Sexy Ahistorical Fashion Wonderland (by Givenchy).

(Via Styleite)